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White Collar Defense Attorney

CrimLaw holds the reputation of being one of the best Montreal law firms, having highly successful white collar criminal defense attorneys in our team. We have managed hundreds of white collar crime cases across the country.

White Collar Crime

According to the terminology, a white collar crime is a nonviolent act, often enacted by the government and private sector officers to forge the money, from illegal sources. Business persons, ministers in the current and past governments, and high profile officers at government officers are some people working on white collar profiles. White collar crimes may include bribery, forgery, money laundering, encroachment of someone’s copyrights, and some instances of cybercrime.

Most of the accusations are oftentimes false, misleading and distorted!

CrimLaw's white collar defense lawyers provide the right legal consultation to the professionals being wrongly accused of white collar crime. We can also assist you in grand jury and governmental enforcement actions, criminal trials, and internal investigations across countrywide. If you are facing false allegations, we have right consultations for you. Just give us a call...

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