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Charles B. Côté, one of the best Montreal criminal lawyers, started practicing Criminal Law in the year 1989. The practice brought Côté before various criminal courts of Québec, for some of the most intense criminal cases.

Being an old hand criminal defence lawyer, he has defended many of his clients, accused of murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft, assault, sexual offense, drugs act violation, etc. Over the years, Charles B. Côté has successfully saved his clients before the Appeals Court of Québec, in Superior Court for trials, with or without jury, the Court of Québec in Criminal and Penal matters, various Municipal Courts in Québec and some courts in Ontario. Côté is a member of the Association des Avocats de la Défence de Montréal (AADM) and the Association Québécoise des Avocats et Avocates de la Défence (AQAAD).

He worked for four years as an appointed federal prosecutor in some penal matters for Justice Canada. Since 2008, Charles B. Côté has been a senior associate at the law firm of Morneau, L’Ecuyer, La Leggia, Rouleau s.n.

The reputation of CrimLaw, the law firm established by Charles B. Côté handles cases across Canada and beyond. We are a dedicated Criminal Lawyer Canada firm, which strives to provide impeccable and incomparable law consultation services.

From 1999 to 2010, he gave legal services and advices in political domain, to various politicians regarding domestic political matters. At present, he is volunteering his time to the Barreau du Québec’s Disciplinary Board, and Arbitration of accounts Board, and offers legal services within Salon VISEZ DROIT, which is setup by the Barreau de Montréal.

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