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"In protecting the constitutional rights of our clients, we are at the same time protecting the fragile equilibrium that exists between a free and democratic society and a police state. Even the most hardened criminals have constitutional rights. Ignoring such principle would threaten the freedoms enjoyed by all of society."

There is a common, mistaken belief that a criminal defence lawyer represents only hardened criminals or repeat offenders. Regardless of whether it is the former or a first-time offender, we, one of the best lawyers in Montreal, represent each one of our clients with vigour. The majority of our clients are people who have never had to go through the criminal justice system before. They have been accused for the first time in their life. The accusations can stem from an event that began innocently enough, such as celebrating a promotion, which quickly degenerated into a fiasco, an office romance gone sour, a bitter divorce with all kinds of accusations leading to criminal investigation, a son with an addiction problem...

Once a client tells us what happened, and we have had a chance to examine the disclosure of evidence, we will come up with the best defence strategy in the circumstances. We, being one of the best criminal lawyers in Montreal, are not here to judge what someone did or didnt do, we are here to study the circumstances of the accusation and find a solution to the dilemma. This analytical approach allows us to study the strengths and weaknesses of the file in its entirety.

Furthermore, our Lawyers in Quebec and Montreal collaborate with our clients in order to find out what their needs are and what course of action would be best suited to their particular profile. We strive to protect the interests and rights of our clients with vigor, to do anything less would be an injustice to them and society as a whole. Whether its a constitutional violation application, a skilled cross-examination of witnesses, a therapeutic intervention plan, or simply to collect information to make a sound and effective negotiation in exchange for a guilty plea, we will leave no stone unturned.

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