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Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

The Cases of Sexual Assault

The cases of sexual assault include forcing someone to establish sexual contact, rape, sexual abuse, and touching or grabbing someone without his or her permission. In widespread terms, sexual assault is having unwanted sex with someone. Among the above-mentioned acts, rape is taken as the most offensive act of sexual assault, and if proved, the accused may have to face serious legal actions, as fines and imprisonment, or both.

If there are such allegations against you, it is advisable to contact us, CrimLaw, the most experienced sexual assault defense lawyers in Montreal, Canada and around.

If you are facing or have faced such behavior - at your school, office, neighborhood, or anywhere from your friends, partner, co-workers, employers, relatives, or anyone to get the justice, consulting a sex assault lawyer is of high importance.

Sexual Assault Defense

When such charges come against you, the whole world, all of a sudden, starts talking rubbish about you. According to a media report, 'about 1 in 5 cases of sexual assault are lodged with an evil wit.

If you are being blamed for such involvements, CrimLaw's sex crime lawyers will provide a defense, and help you regain your name and reputation, and get righteous compensation from the opposite party.

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